KINGTEC is a manufacturer of gear reducer, motor & 3D printing equipment.

In 1963, KINGTEC started business with gear machining.  As industry development, KINGTEC developed new product " Gear Reducer" in order to increase market competition.  Recently, due to numerous technology comes out, industries need new equipment & technology to increase competition.  Therefore, KINGTEC introduce new product - "3D printer" in order to satisfy high-tech industry.  

KINGTEC focus on three parts: 

1. New Product Research & Manufacture 

2. Training for academic organization 

3. Cooperate with Taiwan Education Policy


KINGTEC have lots of experience in 3D printing equipment industry, no matter enterprise, academic organization or end user,

we are able to offer suitable solution to you. 


Gear Reducer

To offer high torque & high power for industrial equipment.

Design of Japan & Made in Taiwan.

3d printer

KING 3D Printer

Enterprise and academic organization are able to rapidly manufacture products & samples.

3D Printer provide extreme assistance for developing & manufacturing filed.  

Mental Machining

Excellent subcontractor of Taiwan Science Park


To provide kinds of superior products from Taiwan

To Our Customers

Solving customers' problem is a core idea of KINGTEC.

KINGTEC produce gear reducer & 3D printer and kinds of CNC machinery, we are glad to offer high quality & affordable products.

For 3D printing, KINGTEC offer exhaustive training for agent & distributor. Furthermore, not only sale strategy, KINGTEC also help enterprise to adopt 3D printing technology so that enterprise is able to speed up process of production, it make enterprise decrease cost of training & equipment. Meanwhile, KINGTEC have lots of experience of gear reducer industry as well. Gear reducer of KINGTEC is popular in oversea market, high quality & affordable price is our strength, safety factor reach industry standard. The design of gear reducer is followed as for Japan style, which is manufactured in Taiwan. KINGTEC strongly believe that our reducer can increase efficient & improve quality customer.have abundant experience in this industry, we own professional technology, which is able to 


Nowadays, KINGTEC is seeking for career partner in oversea market, we are able to provide high-quality product to oversea customer.

KINGTEC is glad to cooperate with you, we would like to promote products of Taiwan to international market, let oversea customer

use high quality & affordable product.


If you are interesting about KINGTEC, you can leave message to us or send e-mail to us, we serve you with care by our full attendance.

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