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Gear Reducers

  • High Power&Compact: Gear strength of AGMA-II level ensures economical operation.

  • Top Performance: High precision gears guarantee low vibration,quite operation and high efficiency(higher than 98%)

  • Durability: Heat-treated alloy steel gears offers long life and extra toughness.

  • Elegent Appearance: Frame is designed by specific stylish with fine looks.

  • Versatility: Adapted to all kinds of requirement,brake are available with model under 22KW(include)


Practical Application


     Artificial culture pond require continuous circulation of waterwheels to provide oxygen for the growth of fish and shrimps, and waterwheels need sufficient power to overcome resistance.

         KINGTEC's gear reducer has been used in conjunction with the culture pond for a long time, with long service life, high efficiency and few maintenance failures. 
When the equipment is stable, the success rate of fish and shrimp growth is improved.

Main Functions of Geared Motor

  • Various Kinds Transporter(conveyor) 

  • Compressor,Blower 

  • Elevator,lifter 

  • Pump

  • Stirrer

  • Crane

  • Others ─
    Paper production,Pulp,Sugar factory,
    Steel Plant,Gravel field,
    Water treatment,
    Ceramic,Textile,Food industry

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