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Kingtec Ltd is an industrial manufacturer located in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Solving problems for customers is our company's philosophy.
Our company provides high-quality, high-stability products, gear reducers, 3D printers, and 3D foundry services.

If you are interested in selling our company's products, I hope you can contact us!

We will have professional staff to serve you.

Kingtec Ltd's in-house R&D invests in high quality and cost-effective products.
We manufacture gear reducers used by many industries.
In 2012, Kingtec Ltd invested in the development and manufacture of 3D printers.We now offer the KINGSSEL 3D Printer. 
KINGSSEL 3D Printer is affordable, easy to use and offers high-quality prints for all types of industrial manufacturing use.


Customers rate stability and durability.
Our company has more than ten years of cooperation experience with the international manufacturer TECO.

  • Provide professional gear reducer

  • Provide overseas sales

Business Contact :


The most stable 3D printer brand evaluated by the Taiwanese industry.

Service Content:
3D printer education and training, online services, assistance in evaluating 3D model files, and printing parameter adjustment suggestions.

Enterprises and schools are the best choice for cooperative manufacturers.

Technology example

  3D printing can reduce the development cost of new products and shorten the development time.
Small-scale production can also be completed more quickly and economically.


3D printing can greatly shorten the proofing time.

  In the past, it often took several months to confirm the design draft and send it to the factory for modification.

After the emergence of 3D printing, the model can be printed directly, which greatly shortens the development time.

For the automotive and aviation industries, it can also meet the needs of lightweight.


Practical Application


3D printing is additive manufacturing,
Compared with the traditional technology (Ex. CNC, cutting, milling), the parts can be produced faster and more refined,and can be produced for the parts that have been discontinued.

In addition, it can also save human resources, materials, warehouse rental costs, etc

Application Design

Make it easier for designers to design products.
For example,souvenirs, cultural and creative products, interior design and industrial design can be produced quickly and maintain high quality.

Educational application

Whether it's drones, robots, dolls, models, props, etc., they can be combined with courses to stimulate creativity.

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