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Q & A

If you are interested in selling our company's products, I hope you can contact us!

We will have professional staff to serve you.

  • Q:如何購買設備 ? How to buy?
    您好,請寄信至 或致電 +886-3-5262332 與我們連絡! 如購買KINGSSEL 3D列印機,可至 或至 線上下單。 - Please contact us directly.
  • Q:成為經銷商? How to become a distributor?
    歡迎您成為 美洛克Kingtec 經銷商! 請致電 +886-3-5262332 或 與我們聯絡。 - Please contact us directly and explain your needs.
  • Q:3D代工服務要提供什麼圖檔? Please help me with 3D printing, what do I need to prepare?"
    您好,請提供副檔名格式為 .STL 或 .OBJ 或 .STEP 的3D圖檔。 - Please prepare 3D model files (.stl, .obj) and send them to PLA filament printing is preset, if you change it, please let me know.
  • 【如果有其他問題可以EMAIL或者來電詢問。】 If you have any questions, please write to or call." TEL:+886-3-5262332
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