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Technical example



Technical example



3D printing advantages

3D printing can greatly shorten the time of traditional proofing.

In the past, it often took several months to confirm the design draft and send it to the factory for modification.
After 3D printing appears, it can be printed if there is a model, which greatly shortens the development time.

For the automotive and aviation industries, it can also meet the needs of lightweight.


Practical application


3D printing is additive manufacturing. In addition to producing parts faster and more refined than traditional technologies (such as CNC, cutting, and milling), it can also produce parts that have been discontinued.

In addition, it can also save warehouse rental costs such as human resources and materials.

Application Design

The popularity of 3D printing allows designers to create design products more conveniently. Whether it is cultural and creative products, metalworking, space, and industrial design can be produced quickly and maintain high quality.

Educational application

Whether it’s drones, robots, molds, dolls, models, props, etc.,

Both can be combined with courses to stimulate creativity.

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